Uva 382 – Perfection

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Solution :-


Posted by Shipu Ahamed


Toha Bin Islam
uva dont accept that code.it is a wrong answer.if u can correct it,pls knock me in comment
why you copy paste my code…. problem with ‘\n’ ……. and this website not for you…
Vatsal Sharma
Why is it not for him?
Because this website is not for those who checked whether the code is working or not. So, just SSHhhhhh !!!!!!!!!
Shipu Ahamed
This website is not for copy paster.
I was confused about printing “PERFECTION OUTPUT” that where I should write in my code. Then I saw your code and just follow this statement and the rest of my code was very much different from your code. When I submitted got WA. I was too much sure of my algorithm. Then I submit your code and this time also WA :p How funny!!
Now judge me. I do not copy your code but a statement only. Should this website for me or you will agree about your bug???
Fixed by yourself.

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