3rd BUBT Intra-University Programming Problem C

Problem C
Input: standard input   Output: standard output
Nishy is a girl of 15 years. For the upcoming EID festival she wants to go for shopping. For the shopping she has a certain amount of money and she makes a price list of items. Her brother is a computer programmer. So, she asked her brother to write a program for her that will give a message if she can buy all the items within the amount she has or not.
In each case, there is three lines of input. First line contain one integer T (1<=T<=31000) represents the total amount and the second line contain N (1<=N<=100) is the number of items. Next the third line contains N different integers representing the prices of the items.
Output should contain a message for each case. If she can buy all the items, print Go for shopping, if not print You don’t have enough money without the quotes.
Sample Input
10 20 30 20 10
Sample Output
Go for shopping
You don’t have enough money
Problem Setter: Md. Joshim Uddin, Dept. of CSE
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)
At First you can try to solve this problem if you can’t than see this code & find what’s your problem . If you copy paste this code you could not improve yourself in programming .

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