3rd BUBT Intra-University Programming Problem D

Problem D
Bangladesh versus India
Recently Bangladesh Cricket Team has become more strong and confident than before. One day match of Bangladesh versus India always becomes exciting.
            How do you feel when Bangladesh Team wins? Obviously you feel proud, don’t you?
As you all are the beginner programmer so your task is so easy. You have to output the summery –scoreboard where the input is the individual score of two-team players.
Input will consist of two lines. First line represents the individual score of Bangladeshi players maintaining sequence of player-1, player-2, player-3…….player-11.Similarly second line for Indian team. Assume that if a player does not have batting-performance then his score will be considered 0.
The output will contain three lines. The first line contains the name of winner team. The second line represents the number of half-century obtainer and the third line represents number of century obtainer.
Sample Input
56  62  12  0  33  2  7  6  123  0  8
51  0  106  12  44  0  3  12  0  0  25
Sample Output
Winner Team : Bangladesh
Half-Century Scorer :   3
Century Scorer :   2
Problem Setter: Md. Abdul Alim, Dept. of CSE
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)
At First you can try to solve this problem if you can’t than see this code & find what’s your problem . If you copy paste this code you could not improve yourself in programming .

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