3rd BUBT Intra-University Programming Problem G

Problem G
Salary Report
Input: standard input   Output: standard output
Nahid, Suhel and Eather are three friends. They are also working to make a global platform for students’ community, ‘www.unicampuz.com’. They decide to do some campaign in different universities to let other students known about unicampuz. But, they don’t have sufficient money to do this. They decide to do outsourcing. They choose that name of their team is ‘codesum’. There have few programmers in codesum. But, a problem arises. Everyone is not working equally. So, admin decide to make salary system based on hour. So, they hire you to help them to know their Salary after M month.
For each test case there is four line input. The first line contain an integer N (1<=Dn<=100) enotes number of employee. The second line contains an integer M (0<=M<=12) denotes total month that we want to calculate. The third line contain a decimal number R (0<=R<=500) represent ret per hour. Finally the forth line contain N different integer number that represent the hour employee works respectively.
The output will print the salary of each employee in a single line.
Sample Input
Sample Output
80   70    85    15   0
100   90    75    55   20
34085     32080     28070      6015     0

Problem Setter: Iftekhar Ahmed Eather, Dept. of CSE
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)
At First you can try to solve this problem if you can’t than see this code & find what’s your problem . If you copy paste this code you could not improve yourself in programming .

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