Laravel Package Development Boilerplate

Laravel May 29, 2018

Package Link :


  • Make package structure within a second
  • Adding package resource using command line
  • Easy way to define your package custom structure
  • Adding custom stubs facilities


Go to terminal and run this command

composer require shipu/laratie

Wait for few minutes. Composer will automatically install this package for your project.

For Laravel

Below Laravel 5.5 open config/app and add this line in providers section


Now run this command in your terminal to publish this package resources:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=tie-config

Quick Usages

Go to terminal and run this command

php artisan package:create vendor package_name
php artisan p:c vendor/package_name
php artisan p:c

Then run composer dump-autoload;

Package Resources

if you want to create your package resource then run below command:

php artisan package:file vendor/package --stubkey=fileName
php artisan p:f vendor/package --stubkey=fileName

Suppose you want make a controller for your package then:

php artisan package:file vendor/package --controller=TestController

Available stubKey :


If you have your own custom stubKey then you can choose --key for create package resource and value will be your stubKey.

Package Root Directory

If you need to change your all packages root directory then Open config/tie.php and update root directory path.

'root'          => base_path('packages'), // Base directory

Pckage Owner

Open config/tie.php for setup your vendor name and rootNamespace. It's not mendatory.

'vendor'        => '', // Your github username. For Example 'vendor' => 'shipu'
'rootNamespace' => '', // Root Namespace For Example: 'rootNamespace'   => 'Shipu'

Package Structure

Open config/tie.php for setup your own package structure. Available configuration:

return [
    'stubs' => [
        'structure' => [
            'stubKey' => [
                'namespace' => 'Namespace',
                'case'  => 'choose one from [lower, upper, snake, title, camel, kebab, studly']' // default studly
                'path' => 'your_path/folderName',
                'suffix' => 'FileNameSuffix',
                'prefix' => 'PrefixFileName',
                'extension' => 'file extension. dot php as default file extension'
                'files' => [
                    //  default file here
            // or
            'stubKey' => 'your_path/folderName'

Package Stub configuration

Open config/tie.php :

return [
    'stubs' => [
        'path'      => [
            // adding more stub path for customize stub or new stub
        'default'   => [
            // default stub key here, For Example your stubkey look like
        'root'      => 'stubKey', // folder path which is concating with vendor/package on composer.json

String Replacement

For replace string to another string on stub template. Open config/tie.php :

return [
    'stubs' => [
        'replace'   => [
            // ADD YOUR REPLACEMENT STRING. For Example:
            'REPLACEMENT_KEY'    => 'Replacement String',
            'VENDOR_NAME_LOWER'  => 'shipu',
            'VENDOR_NAME'        => 'Shipu',


Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within LaraTie, please send an e-mail to Shipu Ahamed via [email protected].


The LaraTie package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


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